this site is dedicated to my passion for landscapes in black and white.

Since I started taking photography seriously I have found myself drawn to landscapes, although I take many different types of subjects, I find I get the most enjoyment from discovering new places and old capturing their vistas. The decision to use mono was more straight forward, where I struggle with colour sometimes I find black and white completely natural to me.

Where colour can distract the eye from an inferior photograph, there are no such corners in mono to hide in. For a good capture you need the perfect balance of light and dark plus the perfect composition to pull it off, this is photography in its purest form.

I shoot a full frame Nikon D810 for most of my work butĀ also use a Nikon D300 converted to Infrared with a Lifepixel filter, this enables me to continue shooting ‘out of season’.

If you are looking for my main portfolio site please visit www.85mm.co.uk

Thank you for visiting.